Ministry Opportunities

Here are ministry opportunities that are available from Musicianaries International.  Contact Rachel Esterhuyse: to discuss the details and logistics of having Lee Michaels and her daughter, Rachel, in your church, conference center, or retreat for any of the opportunities listed below:



Lee Michaels and her daughter, Rachel, are available in the U.S.A. for Missions Conferences and events, reflecting their missions-minded heart.  Lee and  Bobby ministered together on the mission field since 1992,  teaching in over 30 countries on multiple outreaches.  Rachel has participated in missions events in the U.S. and overseas for 12 years.  Their emphasis on reaching people with the Gospel of Christ will impact your people through stories of their work in multiple countries around the world. 


Lee promised the Lord that as He healed her emotionally and spiritually, she would share her experiences of God’s healing power with others.  These are some of the topics that are presented during the seminar:
Brokenness and Restoration:  forgiving yourself and others
Recognizing and healing destructive behavior
Mending relationships and establishing new healthy relationships
Daily prayer saturation–Intimacy with the Lord
Personal testimony of forgiveness, healing, joy and laughter
Single parent living:  Healing together with your children;Dealing with New Responsibilities; Creating Fun Times; Bonding in love/Restoring a healthy family life; Personal holiness as a daily lifestyle