Most Powerful Sacrifice

Lee Michaels | March 28, 2016 | Comment

There is nothing but stunning quietness that overtakes my being as I dwell on Holy God, in the form of Christ Jesus, loaded down with centuries of sin on a splintered cross—painfully abused, distorted—inside and out. My soul, my thoughts feel unspeakable loss and sorrow. My heart feels loneliness “without Him”. Before tears explode, I have to look two more days ahead—victory, like none other! His tomb bursts open in honor and awe of my Living Redeemer, God’s only Begotten, that has paid the dearest price to embrace His own creation!! Wisdom tells humanity to RUN TO HIM!! Kneel at His nail-scarred feet in thanksgiving and overflowing awe. Acknowledge the price He paid for us. Serve Him with excellence!

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