School for the Deaf and Blind

Lee Michaels | July 20, 2014 | Comment

The Lord had a special gift for our team yesterday. We journeyed through the morning and afternoon to our new destination. It was filled with His glorious treasure–a home/school of the blind and deaf. We were welcomed as if we were special, but quite the opposite was true. The blind were playing their musical instruments for us and the deaf performed their beautiful Khmer dance. We were blessed beyond words at their abilities and dedication. We all bonded in love and commitment. The facility had enough rice to feed them for another two months. We assured them of enough for the rest of the year–so far. The afternoon was spent playing and dancing together outside until it was time to journey back to our hotel. Our hearts have encompassed these precious lives permanently. We are already anticipating time with them again next year. We want to invite you to join us next year to see firsthand the treasures of this country!

Children at the School for the Deaf and Blind

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