Many come to Salvation

Lee Michaels | July 19, 2014 | Comment

What a joy to be back in Cambodia! After hours of travel today, our team arrived at our remote destination. A sea of beautiful faces and frail bodies were awaiting our arrival. They applauded with gratitude as we emerged from our vehicles, knowing that we deeply care about them and that they will be able to feed their families for another month. What they might not have expected is the other purpose of our being there: to share the life-changing love and cleansing that Christ offers them. We handed out gospel tracts to each individual and they immediately became immersed in the scriptures. This is the hopes and eternal truth that will last. They listened and watched intently as our drama team shared Christ’s redeeming love through the portrayal of the Prodigal Son story. Each one listening could relate to hunger and loss–some cried with keen emotion. But joy returned on their withered faces as the father and son restore love and commitment. Nearly 100 Cambodians chose to accept Christ today in response! Thank you for praying for clarity of understanding as the villagers embrace His loving plan for them.

coming forward for Salvation

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