July 22: PreahNetPreah, Cambodia

Lee Michaels | July 29, 2014 | Comment

Here we are again bumping over the “roads” for four hours to our next destination. We have had unexpected adventures this week due to torrential rain by the hours. We have encountered three flat tires on our caravan of vehicles and then our van became stuck in a thick hole of mud up to the doors—a little more adventure than we expected! We were in the middle of “nowhere”…. Right beside us was a small hut-like “store”. Unknown to us, the “home” behind it belonged to the police chief! He was leaving that evening for a meeting in another area and was pensive about leaving his wife and new baby alone. He welcomed our Khmer drama team boys to stay with her for the night until they could dig out the van to continue our journey! The rest of our team and the Khmer drama team girls snuggled into the remaining vehicles and we drove two more hours to our lodging for the night. The vehicle, carrying our team of boys we left behind, joined us later the next day with lots of smiling faces, despite the hours of work it took digging to retrieve the sunken vehicle. The Lord had blessed us richly, once again, with favor and answered our prayers to bring glory to His Holy Name and to continue our mission serving Him!

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