Song of a Lifetime

Lee Michaels | March 31, 2014 | 2 Comments

Thanking the Lord today for every moment we shared. He began composing a beautiful melody when we met 25 years ago, bringing our lives together in rich harmony.
I still hear the music. Love you, my Bobby.
Matthew 19:5, “the two will become one flesh.”


  1. Lim Chee Peng says:
    My name is Lim Chee Peng. I am writing from Malaysia. Bobby Michaels came to minister in my hometown in Alor Star, Kedah when I was 15 years old. His music has stayed on in my life ever since. I am shocked and sadden to learn of Bobby's passing today. He has gone home to be with the Lord for 5 years now. May you Lee be strong and courages in your life. Thank you for reaching the world through Musicanaries International. God bless you richly. Hope that I will join your ministry one day as I am a musician and going to reach the world is mandatory in God's kingdom. Take care.
  2. Desiree says:
    Dear Lee, My heart aches with you on this 5TH year of Bobby’s death. I should say his born again life with our Lord Jesus Christ. I too lost my dear husband on December 28, 1988 from a rare bone cancer. He turned 33 December 12TH. We had two small son’s that were 4 months old and 21 months old. He was afraid of dying in pain and not being there for our son’s. Well, both of these came to pass. I promised him two weeks before his death, I would not date or remarry before our son’s were out of High School. I kept my promise. They are now 27 and the youngest will be 26 on August 30TH. They turned out to be strong, loving, spiritual, giving, kind, and great son’s. I have no desire to date now. I have a grandson who will be 5 on October 2ND. I just turned 58 in June. I just live for our Lord Jesus Christ and my family now. That satisfies me greatly! My prayers go out to you on losing such a lovely man as Bobby. It took me years before the hurt became comfortable in my heart. God Bless You Lee!

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