Privileges from the Lord

Lee Michaels | January 30, 2014 | Comment

Bobby and I were always honored to be with some of the most neglected people in the world. Despite the outer humiliating shells that most saw, we had the privilege of seeing the beautiful hearts within them—their true being. These are the people we were drawn to, loved the most, and were so valuably taught by their humble lives. This is a treasure that can’t be explained. This is one of those treasures that has helped shape my heart over the years.

The stench of decaying flesh and infection is indescribable, especially when you look into the desperate eyes of those who bear the torment of leprosy. They are so grateful that we will sit with them, talk with them, touch them, and listen to their stories—about their families, their struggles, their desires for the future. They love to be acknowledged and touched because so few will do that. They have intelligence, goals, personalities and dreams just like we do—but their society and distorted bodies tell them ‘no’. We say ‘yes’.

The Lord has given us the privilege of spending time with these precious people with their beautiful hearts. They could teach us more about what really counts in life if we would just take the time to stop and listen. The Lord has used them to reveal His wisdom and valuable secrets of life simply because they are listening and still. Their thoughts and perspective have enhanced my life. I can see why the Lord gave us the example of stopping to spend time with them—the neglected people who have much to offer.

Mark 16:15, “Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.”

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