Blessed in the Dominican!

Lee Michaels | October 21, 2013 | Comment

Our Musicianaries’ team just got back from the Dominican Republic. It was such a blessing to be back there and see precious people that we are able to encourage and bless through our words, hearts, and practical assistance. Two of our team members went to the pre-school each day to teach and help students who live in very poor conditions. Another team member assisted in the special education site where the students have a variety of physical impairments and learning disabilities. They were such a blessing each day by loving these children and enriching their education. I returned to the neighborhood of El Callejon to continue the ministry with ladies, teenage girls, and children. We spent time in the Bible sharing God’s love and hope with each group and then helped them make a special craft for their home. It has truly been a joy to see the caring friendships that have been formed with each one of them through the last four trips there. At each ministry site, the Lord’s love reached deeply into needy hearts every day. We are truly grateful for the lasting impact that has been made on so many hurting people there for His glory! Thank you so much for your prayers and financial assistance as we share the love of Christ together.

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