The Lord Has Richly Blessed

Lee Michaels | June 26, 2013 | Comment

You have truly helped us this last month to minister to the torn people of this world. Amid the clamor of hardship, disease, and poverty lies their silent cry of brokenness. The sea of fragile bodies with stilled expressions gives a glimpse of the hope that has been drained within them. Frailty begins their day. What pushes them into struggled motion when the sun rises totally escapes me—somehow they refuse to give up. Their determination to continue life creates their obvious appreciation directed to the ones who have come to help them. My heart is in awe of their quiet strength and genuine smiles of gratitude for the rice and scriptures we give to them. The Lord imprints their pictures in our minds. His gentle mercy will prompt all of us to pray for their salvation and healing that only He can offer. As we look at the pictures of this trip, our Lord will open the place in our hearts where we realize the treasures of these amazing people and seek His blessing for their future. Our host organization in Cambodia reported to us last week that we witnessed nearly 100 precious individuals received Christ as their personal Savior and Lord during our ministry outreach! We rejoice with you at the wonder of the Lord’s grace.Thank you so much for all you have done for them already. God still has great plans for these individuals and this nation of Cambodia. You are part of that result.

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