Precious in His Sight

Lee Michaels | May 19, 2013 | Comment

This year’s drama team, ministering with us for the month, are friends that we have visited with here for years and years—they are all children who were found abandoned and wandering about in remote places in the jungle. Most of their parents left them to try to find work in Thailand, never to return. Our hosts, Pastor Setan Lee and his wife, Randa, found these children wandering about and have cared for them, given them a home, sent them to school, and discipled them through the years. They are now teenagers with beautiful smiles and teachable hearts. Our Musicianaries’ mission teams have had the opportunity to spend a day with them on each of our trips over the years—playing together, singing and worshipping together, and assisting in some of their ongoing needs. That is why it is so significant to me to have them with us on this month’s trip and watch as they effectively connect with and witness to their nation about the love of Christ that they have experienced firsthand! I feel like a proud parent as I watch them ministering to their own people in a way that I cannot, and to know they will continue their ministry here long after our team has gone home. They really don’t have any idea how special they are, but we tell them every day. Please pray for them and their continued loving influence on others with the hope of Jesus Christ.

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