1800 More Families Eating — Thank You!

Lee Michaels | May 29, 2013 | Comment

Our team has been incredibly busy these last three days traveling hour after hour on “roads” throughout the jungle areas. Our jostled bodies feel those deep pits long after we’re out of the vans! But the hundreds of families that are smiling and eating, once again, make this small discomfort seem more than worthwhile! In these three days, we have given out 45 tons of rice in 5 different villages, feeding 1800 families. These villages included diverse people groups: church families, “boat people”, and those living on the Vietnamese border—all precious in His sight! It is especially rewarding to look through the crowds who are seated quietly and absorbed while reading through the scriptures we’ve given them. Many of them have never heard this life-changing story before. The message comes alive even more for them through the Bible stories in the drama presentation, as our team watches and prays. As we greet each village in a short formal ceremony, we tell them of God’s love for them and ask them to give Him thanks, through Jesus Christ, for the provision of rice they have received today. We are so blessed to encourage such humble people and to share His story of eternal hope with them. Thank you for your continued prayers and for helping provide this rice for them!

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