A Thankful Heart

Lee Michaels | August 14, 2012 | Comment

It has been quite humbling this last month to be surrounded by poverty, weakness, disease, and starvation.  My heart hurt every day with tears and sorrow at the sights, thoughts, and smells of desperation.  This lives inside of me, constantly replaying the daunting sorrow I have witnessed.  But now that I’m back in 1st world civilization again, I look around and see a new sadness that may even be harder to accept: forgetting to be grateful.  As we race around with busy lives, surrounded by enjoyable conveniences and blessings, sometimes we don’t stop to remember and thank the One who graciously provided them for us.  I believe that our ungratefulness–poverty of the heart–may sadden the Lord more than worn-out clothes and hungry stomachs.  Let’s just stop and praise Him, spend time in His Word, and seek to increase His Kingdom and not ours.  He will graciously allow us to reflect His hope and love to others around us with thankful hearts.


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