Time with Your Children

Rachel Esterhuyse | July 27, 2012 | Comment

July 26 2012

In just a short time being away from my children and grandchildren, my head is spinning and my heart is aching BIG TIME to see them again!  I just want to spend time together with them, see their beautiful smiles, hold them close and enjoy their laughter, cuteness, and love.  Right now, I’m counting down the days and hours before this actually happens!  No one else in the world means that much to me!

This morning as I sit in quietness before My Heavenly Father here in Cambodia, He says “I know how you feel.  That’s exactly how I feel every day about My children and having time with them!  Even more so!  I LONG to have time with them, hear their voices and watch their beautiful faces that express their love for Me.  Sadly, many of My children never do that.  My heart, too, is longing for them.  I am blessed when My children WILL stop their busyness and enjoy time together with me.  That was My perfect plan from the beginning of creation.

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