History Making and Landmines

Rachel Esterhuyse | July 23, 2012 | Comment

July 19 2012

Today was a historical time for our Musicianaries’ mission team:  For the first time in 14 years, we were able to present our Christian drama program and rice distribution—feeding their bodies and souls—in Pailin, Cambodia.  This town has been the Khmer Rouge stronghold and training ground since the Pol Pot “Killing Fields” era.  Surrounded by landmines still, no one was formerly allowed to enter this territory unless they were blind-folded and permitted to pass through many miles of heavily-armed security posts   

Today, the majority of people living here are former Khmer Rouge families, many of which have now heard the Gospel of Christ and made decisions to follow our Lord Jesus.  They appreciated watching the Prodigal Son presentation by our Khmer drama team because it reflects a likeness of their own personal story. 

We spoke with the Pastor and his wife who are already looking forward to our return here next year.  They asked that we pray for their people who are very ill with no medical care available.  Our host team, Transform Asia, will return in October with a full medical team to help treat their illnesses and encourage them, once again, spiritually.  We praise the Lord for such a beautiful opportunity to love on these precious people all morning with “a Hope and a Future”!

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