He’s the Father to the Fatherless

Rachel Esterhuyse | July 17, 2012 | Comment

July 16 2012

One of the highlights of our trip each year is to visit an orphanage near the Thai border.   This complex is the home of 77 children, some of whom were found roaming alone in the jungle years ago—others, purposely deserted at the gated entrance to be found by staff members in the morning.  Despite their abandoned beginnings and frailness, their joyful smiles are unmistakable.  We spend time together, hugging, playing, singing, and thanking the Lord for His mercy and goodness!  Each year we provide them with some new toys, yummy food treats, and new school uniforms from funds donated to Musicianaries’, so they can attend school during the day. When they arrive home from school in the afternoon, they help with responsibilities of caring for their home and for each other. 

We were blessed this trip to see additional buildings going up on the land for expanded ministry.  As we walked around the property, our team prayed together for the Lord’s mighty protection, provision, and Presence to be continually showered every day on these precious children and the dedicated staff.  Our day with them always ends with the team looking forward to our next time together!

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