Dinner is Ready!

Rachel Esterhuyse | July 25, 2012 | Comment

July 23 2012

We always promise “adventure” on our Musicianaries’ mission trips!  You never know what is just around the corner waiting to surprise us!  …And it was just one of those days as our caravan of vans and equipment truck whirled through the jungle, dirt roads to our next rice distribution.  The leading van I was riding in suddenly smacked something on the road really hard and popped us around with a bang!  Looking out the back window we saw a black cobra reeling around, partly on the road and partly in the air!  The vehicle following us was trying to stop before hitting it also!  Then the adventure began!  Some of the boys on our Cambodian drama team jumped out of their van and found a huge rock to throw at its head while the Americans sat in amazement, watching them pick up the dead cobra, measuring just short of 9 feet(!), and place it in the back of the equipment truck!  Over the walkie-talkies we learned they were already planning to make a special treat for themselves at dinner that night—snake soup!  No kidding!  It brought enormous smiles to their faces as they chattered away in anticipation!  When we reached our destination, one of the team had family members prepare the exciting meal for them, which was the talk of our caravan the next day!  Who would’ve thought……!!  Some of us were really glad we didn’t see that event written out on our itinerary!  🙂

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