What a day….Church Service to waterfalls and dance lessons!

Rachel Esterhuyse | March 5, 2012 | 3 Comments

Hi everyone! Before reading below, just want to apologize for the delay here…no wireless connection for us last night! We are up and running this morning though 🙂 Also, we have not been able to upload our pictures yet, so we may be just adding a bunch upon our return….we will keep you posted! Have a beautiful day….

We cannot believe another day has gone by already, but boy, did we manage to take in a lot….We had a special treat of being able to “sleep in” since breakfast (yummy oatmeal banana pancakes) was not served until 9 a.m….Soon following our meal, we headed to a local Church Service. I hope I can capture what our drive was like….We all piled into an open bed truck with seats along the sides and bars running across the top for the overflow of people to hang onto. The back is entirely open and the roads are rocky and curvy….So, we hung onto those seats tightly, felt the breeze whipping our hair and took in the view. The view included many motorcycles following behind us. One man driving (who was heading to our same service) had his two children on there with him, and then we also had the experience of seeing one young man driving with a friend on the back and FOUR kids hanging onto the sides in rollerblades. They soon let loose and one actually hung onto our truck for a ride….a first for me seeing that and our young kiddos in the truck certainly were wide eyed. In addition to the speed and surprises, we still had our beautiful backdrop of lush greens and glorious mountains, then we arrived to our outdoor Church.

The setting was just wonderful. The breeze was glorious and seemed to roll through along with the music. They started with praise and worship and although we don’t speak Spanish, the messages were clear and their love for the Lord, their thankful hearts and devotion to Him came through in every word of the song. One of the strong messages through the sermon started with Hebrews 13:8, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.” The pastor spoke of how our lives are completely unpredictable and filled with highs and lows, but we should be the happiest people in the world since Jesus is faithful to His promises and with Him there is always love, majesty and power. With all that we have through Him, “Then why are you ever living in defeat?” What an important message and so uplifting coming to a third world country and a place where people assume distress and little hope, but look what they find with the Lord–complete fulfillment. How incredible is that?…..We also had the gift of sharing in Communion with them….This was a memorable morning.

We returned in time for some lunch and then preparations to visit a local waterfall that included a hike across suspended wooden bridges! Time for another adventure in the open-bed truck in order to get there! It was truly beautiful. Many natives spend their Sunday afternoons there as well so it was a nice crowd around and some opportunities to play down by the rocks and the sand. We also had about 2 hours to be there and just talk and share with team members…..

This evening after dinner, our youngest team members, Caleb, Joshua, Ashton and Bryce really enjoyed cleaning dishes! Between us and the other groups here with us on the base, there are around 50 people and they cleaned most of the dishes! The best part is that when I asked all of them their favorite part of the day, they said the dish cleaning was the best….Maybe the Lord was encouraging their servant hearts? It was just precious….

Then the real entertainment begins…Everyone headed to the Chapel to first sample one of the local coffee drinks and some coconut candies then it was time to learn the local dance! They gave us a little marangue lesson and off we went….the joy and laughter in the room was just contagious…The sweetest thing to see was the college kids that are here on base with us just embracing the little boys and enjoying spinning them around and making them smile. We ended with a game called Don Ramano…hard to put this one into words, but it was a true hit of the night. Basically, our lovely leader, Vicki, sang a song while we passed cups around the table. As the music sped up you had to keep the pace steady since the first person to knock their cup over gets eliminated. The competition was strong 🙂 It was just so much fun….A little mention to our team members, Tara and Caleb, who made it to the finals! Woo Hoo!

I reflect on our first days here and see the Lord at work in such a beautiful way. I think we were given an amazing opportunity to make this base really feel like “home base”. I know we are diving into a week of seeing some things that may move our hearts in ways we can’t begin to imagine…and to come back “home” will be something pretty special…Being covered in a blanket of fellow-believers and feeling the love around us will be something each of us will embrace. We look forward to seeing what tomorrow brings…..


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    Thanks for the great journaling of what the team is doing. We can really get a feel of what you are experiencing and go along with you almost each step of the way. Excited to hear of how God is using you to show the love of Christ to the people. Thank you all for your servant hearts.
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