We arrived in the Dominican Republic!

Rachel Esterhuyse | March 4, 2012 | 3 Comments

Hello from Jarabacoa!!

The Musicianaries’ team has made it safely and with smiles! The day started by meeting at 4 a.m. at the Panera in Jupiter, FL….As early as it was, excitement filled the air and the energy of the four little blessings on this trip (Caleb, Joshua, Ashton and Bryce ages 6-9!) was immediately contagious and certainly kept my head up and laughter going through the journey. Next stop was Miami International Airport and our first leg of the trip to San Juan, Puerto RIco, a bit of a lay-over and then the trip into Santiago, Dominican Republic.

The Lord truly was present through this trip already….We stayed together as a team with ease, kept our spirits high and from short security lines to all our bags arriving together in perfect shape, we were truly blessed every step of the way.

Our ride through the mountains to our base was the first taste of the local area as well as truly a beautiful site to see–exceeding most expectations…from the lush greenery partnered with the outlines of the mountains and the low-laying clouds, it was a treat for the eyes. We were able to also observe some of the local foods, smells and sounds….the contrast was fun there as well since you can clearly hear the melody of a bird and then the several zooming motorcycles in the next moment….a common mode of transport!

The gracious and wonderful hosts greeted us at our base and could not have been more warm and excited to see us all. We immediately settled in for our first meal and our first night to explore! The kids are so joyful having a space to run through and there are also games and table tennis in the Chapel! The beauty of having children here is also–all of their questions helping to open your eyes to more than we allow ourselves to see sometimes. It is like a “kids connection” to the Lord and to nature that is just so special. I hope to be giving tidbits of this “connection” in each post.

We all did settle in for an early night, but anticipate sweet dreams of a special week set out before us. Blessings and sweet dreams to all who are reading this now as well. We continue to cherish each and every one of your prayers….



  1. Rach says:
    Yay!!! So glad you all made it :) I have rec'd emails literally from all over the world (US, Canada, South Africa, Malaysia, etc.) saying they are praying for the trip!! We know this is going to be an incredible time for all 12 of you! Lots of hugs & kisses being sent from Florida!!!
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