Final Day!

Rachel Esterhuyse | March 10, 2012 | Comment

We had the pleasure of talking with six members of our team about their construction site that has been working on the new building for womens social work. The six include precious Caleb, Joshua, Ashton and Bryce. During the boys’ time there they were eager to work and got more done on the site than anyone could have imagined, but there was also time for play and being creative with the elements around them. Caleb smiled thinking about how much he enjoyed finding metal wire and string and making pieces of art! He spelled out the D.R. that he plans on keeping in his room to always remember this place, he made a heart for his mom and crosses for many of us. During Caleb’s account, Joshua chimed in saying he was happy when his dad said he could go play outside, especially when it included time with Gabriel and Carlos, the boys who live close by in the community. They did anything from throwing a baseball together to chasing lizards….a lasting memory for everyone involved. Ashton and Bryce also smiled at the thought of finding chickens running around or even seeing little puppies….

What made this construction project so special is it was so much more than the great blessing of physically building a new site; there was a tremendous amount of interaction with the people around them. Brian was so taken with the way the people in this culture are constantly giving, open and loving. The family across the street brought them coffee every single day and always opened up their home for visits…Some of the men in the community would come by and visit as well as help with some of the work. He was struck with how humble they were. They would come in and have a great way to do certain parts of the construction more efficiently but would not boast about it. They would quietly help and then just appreciate the acknowledgement afterwards.

Donny did say that the work was challenging at times, but really didnt feel difficult because of the cause…they all got to visit the women’s social work site that Students International works in now which made this work feel even more real and needed. ┬áThis also felt like a strong and complete team for them. The two other college-age gentlemen on the site were a fit that only God could have put together. Both Brian and Donny mentioned the blessing they were to the young boys. Their patience, fun and way of communicating with them will leave a lasting impression. Another hope for the community is that they witnessed these fathers, who are loving Godly men, spending time caring and working with their children. It was a blessing to have that example every morning and afternoon for 5 days straight in a place that has this gaping hole in their culture. The hope is to raise up some men to set these kinds of examples within the community.

Reflecting back on the week on this site and all the others that we had the privilege of being a part of, we know we stepped forward when we heard the Lord calling us to plant some of these seeds here in the Dominican Republic. The fruit that will come of this seed may take years or even a lifetime. We also know this work and what we are cultivating is being nurtured in our spirits and our hearts and in what we do when we return to our homes and local communities. The prayer is that we will keep it alive and growing each and every day, keep our eyes on the Lord to guide us and to always be hungry and open for more.

“Now he who plants and he who waters are one; but each will receive his own reward according to his own labor. For we are God’s fellow workers; you are God’s field, God’s building. ” 1 Corinthians 3:8-9

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