Day Three

Rachel Esterhuyse | March 7, 2012 | 1 Comment

Our day began by meeting at the Chapel here at 6:35 a.m. All of the teams here held hands and shared in prayer ….it was beautiful to see a big circle of faces eager to begin their work in the local communities….We then set off to different areas around the base to have our quiet time with the Lord. We were asked to read James 1 and I was struck by James 1:25, “not having become a forgetful hearer but an actual doer; this man will be blessed in what he does.”  I thought this was an encouragement as we set off onto our designated sites today.

After Vicki, one of our leaders here at Students International, lead us in a beautiful time of praise and worship, we had breakfast and packed up our lunches. Our team is taking part in helping at four different sites. Four of us will be at the Womens’ Social Work site in a town called El Callejon. Six from our group will be on Construction also in El Callejon. One from our team is in Micro-Finances, and one in Special Education. By 8:35 we were in our trucks and ready to go…I referred to the comfort of “home base” and knew we were leaving that and approaching an entirely different experience. Starting tomorrow, I would like to take the opportunity to focus a little more on just one site at a time. Just to start though, it was an incredible first day for everyone on the team. We were struck by every person we came in contact with–from the natives in the communities to the great site leaders that inspire us and lift everyone that comes onto their path each and every day.

We had a team meeting after dinner tonight. We all got to sit on the big porch above the dining area that looks out over the grass and views of the mountains. This was our first opportunity as a complete group to share what expectations have been met and what surprises we all experienced from the time we arrived at Miami airport up until now. Sweet Caleb led us in a beautiful prayer and then we let the boys start us off. Each of them gave us their reports on ears popping on the plane as their low point of the journey, but Bryce said he did hear Jesus tell him that he would make new friends on this trip, and Joshua shared some stories of the little kids they have met alongside their construction site already…and their ball games, lizard chases and even chicken chases! Caleb said Jesus said he would stay safe through the rest of the trip/week. Through our time at the meeting, you see their bright smiles and know that this is truly a life-changing experience for them and an adventure. We are so happy to be witnesses to all of it.

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  1. Jamie Huffman says:
    It is so wonderful to hear everyone is doing well and hearing the things God is doing through you all. I especially love hearing that Jesus has spoken to Caleb & Bryce! :) Beautiful! Excited for you all to come back and share your stories and pictures!

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