Day 4

Rachel Esterhuyse | March 7, 2012 | 1 Comment

Today was a rainy start! The alarm went off around 5:45 am and we could hear the sheets of rain coming down. We knew we would be running to Chapel this morning! We all made it though and had another lovely morning of prayer, quiet time, and praise and worship which was led today by Fernando, who is the lead Christian Doctor at the local hospital. He also gave his testimony afterwards which truly inspired all of us in the room as we set out onto our sites for Day Two.

The Women’s Social Work site in El Callejon is lead by two women, Kimberley and Daisey…Daisey has been a pillar of strength to the women in this community for 6 years now. She recently was on leave for health reasons and we had the special opportunity to see her being welcomed back. The excitement and activity felt in this small town when she turned a corner was contagious….Kimberley and Daisey have many hopes for the girls, teens and adults that is rooted in finding a relationship with Jesus to help guide them in their choices and to help facilitate confidence and integrity within them.

Julie helped lead the teenagers today with a message of keeping their bodies pure for the husband that God has chosen for them. She talked about the importance of being married to a fellow-believer since it is so important to share in the love of the Lord since He created love–also that this time in a young women’s life is tough to navigate and the Bible can be/should be their guide. The beauty here was not only the message Julie was given (and that it was!), but to see so many of these girls’ heads nod in understanding and you felt that they were really and truly listening. One 13-year-old who was not there that day had recently started a relationship with a 15-year-old boy. Her mother died 3 years ago, her father is an addict, and she has taken the role of mother to her 6-year-old sister as well as taking care of cooking and cleaning in their home…..We found out she needed to take a pregnancy test today….It is easy to feel overwhelmed with all you want to do to help these women, lift them, tell them their worth and all that their future can be, but in reality, we need to help reflect the love of Jesus and give them a glimpse of that and start there.

We had a brief time back at the base and then off to have dinner in town tonight….The evening had some scattered showers still, but we walked around the busy streets and checked out the local markets known for their delicious fresh fruits (pineapple and passion fruit!), vanilla extract, and coffee, to name a few….Dinner was a delicious mix of beans and rice, chicken, fried plantains and even some goat! It was fun to be out and talking with different people. Also, now that we have been on site for two days, you can hear some incredible stories along every corner of the tables……As we anticipate another day here tomorrow, I am reminded of what we read in James 2:26 this morning, “For just as the body without the Spirit is dead, so also faith without works is dead.”

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  1. Mom and Dad says:
    A call to action! How beautiful. These observations are so special and enlightening. Love your writing.

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