Amazing Love

Lee Michaels | March 21, 2012 | Comment

A friend sent me a book on Passion Week last year, to be read a chapter each day the week before Easter, depicting the Biblical events that occurred during that time.  It gave me the perfect opportunity to, once again, reflect on the magnitude of His wondrous love and sacrifice.  The pictures brought back a gift of memories of the times Bobby and I spent on our trips there—the awesome experience to pray atop the Mount of Olives, sit in  wonder at the Garden Tomb, and slowly walk the Via Dolorosa…

Each chapter initiated a deeper look for me into my Savior’s last days here:  The poignant thoughts that may have been crossing His mind as He experienced the disciples’ blank stares as He told them of the week’s coming events…The tragedy and mutilation He knew His body would soon experience…  The soon-coming, complete separation from His Father, Whose Union was long before the creation of this world…

How could the Holy Creator care for us so lovingly?  There really are no sensible answers other than He is Great, and we are not.  What an amazing act of grace that He allows us to embrace His healing deliverance and become His children for all eternity because of His obedience to the redeeming plan!

It is more than a privilege to serve this Savior who makes each day meaningful.  He gives us the glorious opportunity to be His loving hands to those around us who feel so frazzled in this fallen world.  He allows us to share with them the hope and joy that can last a lifetime—and far beyond!  What a Savior!

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