Looking Through His Eyes

Lee Michaels | January 27, 2012 | Comment

Humanly speaking, sometimes it would be easier to casually pass over the souls of men with callousness—it really isn’t our responsibility, it’s their choice, they know what truth is but ignore it.  If that were possible, we could feel so much better and light-hearted—no tears or burden.

But, if we choose, the Lord will answer our heart’s desire to begin to see men through His eyes.  He has entrusted us with His compassion on the souls of His creation.  Our hearts will ache, our souls will rip, and our eyes will sting seeing the desperate wickedness that thrives in humankind and the endless devastation to be experienced by those unredeemed, entrapped for eternity if they reject our Lord. 

 He paid too great a price to leave His story untold!  We can choose to have His eyes, full of understanding and insight, to know what will reach that particular heart, that particular need, so there will be results—there will be cleansing—there will be newness—there will be life!  This heaviness and sorrow will be in vain without a reaping, bountiful harvest.

Certainly we should be able to relate to the desperate heart, to the emptiness this world can offer, to the loneliness, to the filthy pit of sinfulness, to the hardness of human pride, for we can never forget that this is exactly where He found us!

 Let us reap in joy because He has been proclaimed and received into needy lives!  He will be exalted and receive all the glory!

 1 Chronicles 16:24, “Declare His glory among the nations, His wonderful works among all peoples.”

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