Christmas Blessing from the Broken

Lee Michaels | December 5, 2011 | Comment

During the Christmas 2010 season in Cambodia, Musicianaries was able to provide 20 tons of rice to more than 700 families.  This is such a tremendous opportunity to share the love of Christ with the recipients because, as a country, they celebrate Christmas but most do not know its true meaning and are very interested in knowing why they do!  This last Christmas, over 350 understood His saving grace for the first time and invited our Lord into their hearts and lives!  Our host there, Setan Lee, who oversees this rice program was so pleased with the enthusiastic response and could not quit smiling as he told us of the success.  Your prayers for the Cambodian people are being answered by our faithful God! 

In contrast, my heart was truly broken (as will yours) by another story that happened during that same time…  Most of the people who receive rice from our program live far below the Cambodian poverty level of $45 a month.  There was an older gentleman who attended the Christmas distribution and received his bag of rice and departed on foot.  Hours later, he returned back to Setan wanting to return the rice bag because he had realized as he was walking around that he had no where to go—he had no home, no means to cook the rice, and no utensils to eat it.  He requested for Setan to please give it someone else who needed it and could prepare it for their family properly….

Can you even grasp this kindness even in such desperation?  It’s been a while since Setan told me this and it’s no easier to try to imagine this man’s life than the first hundred times I’ve thought about it.  All I can do is react with stinging tears, a hurting heart, and flurries of prayers to our loving Savior who cares for this man deeply. Our Lord totally understands that situation because He experienced the same abandonment by His creation when He was here on earth. 

It could go unsaid after this story, but it is more than an honor and privilege for me and the Musicianaries’ teams to serve these precious people each year to help bring them “a hope and a future”.  We really do see a significant difference in their quality of life and opportunities with each trip.  Your prayers, love, and gifts are a blessing and help make this possible.

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