The Anchor Holds

Lee Michaels | October 28, 2011 | Comment

On our first boat trip with Bobby in 1990, there awaited unexpected adventures.  Quietly anchored in a still inlet, the four of us were enjoying a lovely evening.  But very abruptly, a water spout changed our circumstances!  We were fiercely tossed about, thrown off our feet, when the boat bounced back sideways into the sand of shallow water.  Surprised…confused…but safe, and oddly enough, still anchored.  The hours ahead were quite remarkably filled with closeness, concern for each other, cooperation, and even thankfulness.  There were long hours of emergency—adapting to changing tides, winds, strong rains, and shifting sands.  Through it all, the anchor still held.

What a rewarding lesson to have experienced.  By the grace of our Lord, we successfully survived the trauma and eventually were rescued back to the comforts of the harbor.

At some point, we have all entered times of new circumstances and the rocking of outer surroundings can be felt around us.  It is with great comfort and direction by our mighty Lord that again we can make all the necessary changes, adapt to the shifting “sands” and weather another storm with success and grace.  When our Lord is the anchor, there is strength.  When the Lord has determined it to be so, we shall stand and go forward.

Hebrews 6:19,  “We have this hope—like a sure and firm anchor of the soul.”

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