The Lord Has No Grandchildren

Lee Michaels | October 13, 2011 | Comment

Bobby and I had the opportunity in April 2008 to minister in a group of Indonesian villages in Toraja that few people will ever see.  Our team of eight traveled by plane from Jakarta to Makassar, then journeyed in vans for ten hours up the mountainous terrain, arriving after dark in heavy, chilly winds and pouring rain.  We were met by smiles and warm ginger drinks from our gentle hosts, whom we grew to love. 

As we navigated over rickety roads the next seven days, we saw Christian churches everywhere!  This was not an expected sight in a nation of 235 million people, of which 86% are Muslim.  Our hosts explained that Dutch missionaries had evangelized this area years ago, leaving behind churches, hospitals, and Christian ethics that have been passed down from generation to generation.  These moral values and Biblical teaching still seem to be a normal part of the Torajan lifestyle; so I was not expecting the impending results in our evangelistic outreaches. 

After musical ministry and the presentation of the Gospel through an interpreter, Bobby gave an invitation for them to accept Christ.  Dozens hurried to the altar without hesitation, service after service, village after village!  We soon realized the response was so great because their beliefs had become a learned lifestyle instead of a personal, intimate relationship with the Savior!  They were learning God has no grandchildren–only children.  THAT was the difference to them, and they were eager to become sons and daughters!  We also saw more than 300 other precious ones rededicate their lives to Christ with tears of repentance.  It was a beautiful sight to watch their open expression of worship and gratitude to their Lord! 

Sadly, I’ve never seen this thirst in American congregations.  It is a true gift for us to witness the spiritual hunger of neglected people in desolate places and consequently watch their undistracted, uncomplicated response to grasp the truth of a loving Father.  You will personally get to meet them in Heaven!

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