Still Learning and Listening

Lee Michaels | September 30, 2011 | 1 Comment

“My thoughts are not your thoughts; My ways are not your ways.”  (Isaiah 55:8)  It doesn’t take much time when we follow the Lord that we find this verse to be absolutely true!  When I first began to trust His direction for my life more and more, I think I automatically assumed each day was always going to turn out enjoyable and satisfying.  Often that is so.  But when unexpected obstacles and hard circumstances leave me bewildered and floundering, I wonder if I “missed” His leading.  Sometimes that is true, too.  But other times, it is His leading that takes us into difficult seasons of life.

My precious Bobby and I experienced uncertain obstacles together multiple times as we sought His direction for 20 years.  But the Lord was always faithful.  It was pure joy to be with my husband as we ministered, prayed, and watched the Lord perform His miracles in country after country.

That’s why it was perplexing to me in March 2009 as I sat in the Bangkok hospital watching my precious husband’s body slowly shutting down bit-by-bit, day by day.  Even with the doctor’s grim reports, I knew the Lord had assured me that Bobby would be healed.  No doubt in my mind and my heart.

After ten days of waiting there beside Bobby, the Lord took him Home to Heaven.  The days that followed are beyond description and understanding.  In my sorrow and grief, I sought my precious, loving Father for comfort.  I cried out to Him, “Lord, I thought You said You were going to heal Bobby!”  The Lord said, “Lee, I did!  You should see him!  He’s beautiful!  Perfectly whole!  He doesn’t hurt anymore!  I just didn’t heal him the way you thought I would.”

And once again, I’m still learning “His thoughts are not our thoughts; His ways are not our ways.”  He remains faithful…..we must remain teachable.  May You be glorified, dear Lord.

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  1. Paula L says:
    I am a missionary in the Middle East. I sat at my desk today, needing to feast myself on God's Word. Stilling myself to wait on Him, a song I have not heard in perhaps 17+ years and thought of in a long time entered my mind..."Anything that Costs Me Nothing." I u-tubed this....thinking, "wow...what if???" Immediately I was transported back to where I first heard this: Green Acres Baptist Church in middle Georgia in 1988 or 89, when my husband was praying about leaving the US Air Force to attend seminary (a big step for us!). We met Bobby and purchased the CD Time...and I think we played it out! :-) That song became our theme song as we sought the will of our good God. Seminary, a pastorate, and now missionaries to the Middle East for 11 years, it amazes me the people that God has used to speak into our lives. And they have/had no idea. Bobby did this through his testimony and that continued in his music as he ministered though our 'boom box' :-) I was sorry to hear of the death of your dear husband (I had no idea), and offer my sincerest condolences to you. I am sure you miss him terribly. But looking on your website, it gave me GREAT joy to see that Bobby "stayed the course" and finished well. And that this legacy continues. As I grow older and watch more and more Believers fall by the wayside, this encouraged my heart!! My blessings to you and I am offering up a prayer that God will encourage your heart today as well. Your sister-in-Christ, Paula

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