Lessons from Ireland

Lee Michaels | August 18, 2011 | Comment

Irish countryside

Bobby and I were traveling the narrow, winding roads of western Ireland the summer of 2006, when he pulled over for us to watch a most-incredible process!  A man was standing with his dog on a steep hillside peppered with sheep.  The man’s arm suddenly flew upwards and the dog raced like lightning toward the grazing flock.  Immediately the countryside was scampering with movement as the animals scurried toward their next destination!  The few that lingered were forcefully encouraged to obey by the prompting of the sheep dog.  As soon as the master’s command was carried out, the dog attentively watched his master with unwavering intent in his eyes and devout focus.  He remained motionless just watching for the next command.  He did not move until his master spoke, then immediately darted off toward the sheep to obey.  This happened about three times before the sheep were properly corralled to their next area.  But the way the dog locked into his master’s attention is one thing I will never forget! 

Wouldn’t it be great if we would do the same for our Master?!  What a joy it would bring Him for us to just wait without distraction, lock into His voice, watch for His command—and then run to carry out His request. 

We all influence many people whether it be for good or bad.  But, tuned to the Master’s direction, we could so effectively encourage His “sheep” who need a new course and more plentiful fields to grow.

I pray this incident will come to our minds frequently to help remind us, as believers, of the way we can affect others by carrying out the Lord’s message and purpose. 


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