Cambodia Update — July 2011

Rachel Esterhuyse | August 3, 2011 | Comment

The month long trip was a whirlwind tour that touched thousands of people from cabinet level government officials, members of the Cambodian Parliament, and provincial governors to the poorest of the poor.  We frequently heard from the village officials that spoke to us during the distributions that the families who were receiving the rice were living at or below the national poverty level of $45/month. 

As we looked into the eyes of these individuals during each distribution, it was apparent that their lives were very difficult.  The rice they receive will help to relieve the ache of hunger for a while…yet for many, they face the daily challenge of finding enough to eat and clean water to drink.  The reality is…that for several million Cambodians living in the rural villages and jungle areas, life brings survival challenges that citizens of America will never know.  We don’t say this to put us on a guilt trip, but to simply remind us of the incredible blessings we receive everyday.

While we hesitate to condense this trip into raw number and stats…here are a few numbers to frame the work that’s been accomplished.
–  Total rice distributed: 223 tons
–  Total distribution venues: 22
–  Estimated number of families that received rice: 8,120
–  Estimated number of individuals within those familles that were fed: 36,000 to 40,000
–  Estimated number of individual that came forward to received Christ as Savior:  80
–  Estimated number of individual that heard the Gospel message: 10,800
–  Amount of Gospel literature (written in Khmer) distributed: 13,000 pieces

We at Musicianaries and TransforAsia teams are incredibly grateful to everything that the fabulous PLR family and other MII donors have done to make this mission a reality.  We couldn’t have done it without you.  We extend our deepest thanks to everyone for all that they have helped to accomplished for the Kingdom.

Riverside in Phnom Penh

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