The Father’s Child

Lee Michaels | August 26, 2011 | Comment

Looking out of my 4th-floor condo window this morning, I saw a dad, down on the walkway, watching his little child in a stroller.  He had stopped and sat on a bench just huddling over his precious treasure.  Nothing else was on his mind right now.  He stayed positioned over that baby, totally locked in wonder and love.  Time did not matter.  Business did not matter.  His thoughts were on that amazing little life.  He did not move.  He did not even notice the beautiful intracoastal waters that were sparkling less than six feet beside his quiet “sanctuary”.  His perfect little creation was utmost.

I thought this was one of the sweetest moments the Lord could have let me see first thing in the morning.  Then He showed me the purpose for this unforgettable moment.  “That’s how I look at you, My child, when we are alone and you are still.  I’m filled with wonder knowing who you are, My very creation, and what you can become, resting in My plan.  Take time to let Me be your devoted Father, leaning over you, treasuring your love for Me, and silently knowing you are at peace because I am there.  You can trust me—I’m right here with you.”

May the Lord show you your great worth to Him.  May you be still each morning and each evening, listening to His leading and love for you.  He treasures you as His child and is so eager to place jewels in your life that will glisten for His glory and pleasure.  I don’t want to miss out on one of them! 


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